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Laser Face Removal

Hello again, It is great to be blogging with you about removing sometimes nagging facial hair, I hope my recommendations will help you in that respect.

Can you get laser hair removal on your face?

It is OK and safe to have facial hair remove with laser treatment, it all depends on your skin type, mild side effects will occur, like redness,or swelling for about one to two hours after the procedure. Uncommonly temporary burning, blister or change in your skin tone, but you shouldn’t be encourage as your laser professional will stipulate suitable laser treatments and provide instructions that will help to avoid side effects

How much does laser hair removal for face cost?

laser hair removal cost less than waxing and shaving, as your visits will be less and that will save time and money, price vary depending on the area size, also the type of skin hair and hair type, more people require 6-12 sessions for facial hair removal, the prices below is for a single session

  • Neck 60-120 $
  • Upper lip 30-60 $
  • Chin 30-80 $
  • Side burns 30-85 $

Can you laser your face without shaving?

No, you need to have your face shave before your laser hair removal session, due to the hair follicle and root to be intact, that will allow the laser to get rid of it.

Can face laser damage skin?

It won’t cause damage as it is very accurate and will cause very little damage to the area of the skin and tissues, It is most likely done on the face, but it is successfully done on other areas of the body like the neck, hands and chest

Which laser treatment is best for face?

5 top laser treatments for the face

  • Laser Genesis: A noninvasive laser that uses technology to gently heat the upper layer of the skin through distrusting laser energy over thousands of micro pulses, which allows gentle heat to stimulate collagen regrowth and provides a beautiful healthy glow
  • Fractional CO2 Laser: Removes deep outer layers of damaged skin and stimulates the regeneration of healthy skin underneath .The CO2 treats fine to moderately deep wrinkles.
  • Pulse Dye Laser: Uses a concentrated beam of light that target blood vessels
  • Fraxel:Is safer than performing a facelift
  • IPL: Removes sun damage skin, your body naturally absorbs and eliminates the unwanted pigment leaving your skin rejuvenated.

Will laser removal lighten skin?

Laser removal can initiate a lighter appearance by eliminate the hair and follicles from the bottom of the skin

Does Laser removal on face cause aging?

Wrinkles should not occur, as the laser treatment only affects the hair follicles, and not where the skin is around

How do I prepare my face for laser hair removal?

i. Avoid plucking and waxing

2.Clean shave the area

3.Do not bleach

4. Do not expose to the sun

5.Review your medication

6.Take off all makeup or other application, example cream or lotion

Why is my hair still growing back after laser hair removal ?

The hair follicles is not entirely devastate, after a period the area treated hair follicle might return, but don’t be alarmed only a small portion may return.

Conclusion: Laser hair removal is affordable and can be done on all skin types, starting at age 14 years. I hope my advice will help if you are planning to use laser hair removal

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