Permanent Hair Removal For Men

Hair Removal

Good day, and welcome back to my blog, today I will be talking about permanent hair removal for men, when it comes to body hair most men experienced growth in several parts of their body. I hope these recommendations will help you to determine different preferences of permanent hair removal.

Types of hair removal methods

1. Laser


IPL is an intense pulsed light that used by cosmetic and medical practitioners,for hair removal,it targets the hair melanin

3. Electrolysis

Electrolysis, is the using of ultra-thin needle to go through the hair fol ices,which will slightly tingle feeling of electricity destroying the cells that generates hair, killing the growth of new hair. It can be performed between 10 -20 minutes, weekly for up to a period of one year

1. Laser hair removal cure, with the use of force light to probe the hair follicle and killing the root of the hair, making it difficult for hair to return to the area, will last for a period of six to one year, Laser hair removal can be used for back, chest, shoulders, stomach and genitals area

Hair Waxing

Hair waxing is a permanent removal which involves using soy waxes, which will applied using strips of fabric sealed over the cream, leaving it on until the liquid dries on the skin and the cloth can be removed


Depilatories is considered a permanent hair removal approach for men, consist of a chemical dissolved in a gel, which bombard the protein in the hair and break down in the process allowing the hair to unlock and fall off right away, this procedure is forceful for removing hair in ares of the body, legs, arms, chest, backs and arms, it is not to be used in sensitive areas like the genitals, this treatment will be between thirty to sixty minutes

Laser hair removal side effects

Most side effects are temporary, when procedure is done effectively and safely, some side effects includes,redness of the area, dark spots, blisters, use a wound healing cream and be sure to avoid infection

Acene and Pimples

Acene might be present where the treatment is performed, due to clogged pores due to the heat of the laser which opens the pores, it is important to keep the area clean, avoid wearing deodorant and Cologne to your skin, you want to allow the skin to breathe, but applying cooling

Ceams and any ointment recommended from the doctor is important to keep it from being irritated, in case acne appears, a triple antibiotic ointment can be used, and can be purchased over the counter, you can ask your doctor to direct you to the most effective one

Conclusion,hair removal weather it is r permanent or temporary, can be effective when the procedure is to properly, I hope you were provided with some valuable information.

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